Should you ever face a problem with your website and be unable to resolve it, ask the respective hosting company’s client care team to assist you to get the site back online. A prompt solution would be the best-case scenario, but lots of hosting companies reply within twenty four hours and even more, all the more so if you’re dealing with a reseller. Even if your problem can be fixed without much effort, your website may not function satisfactorily or may not be accessible whatsoever for an extended period, so you may lose potential customers as it’s very unlikely that anyone will enthusiastically come back to a faulty website. Having said that, you have to make certain not only that you can touch base with your hosting provider, but also that they can reply and assist you in a timely manner. If a script update does not go as planned or if you delete something by accident, for instance, the website must be fixed speedily so as to avoid protracted unreachability.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Shared Website Hosting
Our guaranteed max response time for any trouble ticket that you submit or any e-mail that you write is only 60 minutes, even in case you contact us on weekends and public holidays. Irrespective of the nature of your inquiry or problem, we will lend a helping hand instantly and will supply you with the necessary information to solve any problem with your websites. The real response time normally does not exceed fifteen-twenty minutes, which goes to say that you can forget about waiting around for hours on end to get a problem resolved or what’s even worse than that – waiting around one whole day only to get a reply that more information is necessary whilst nothing’s solved. We will assist you in a timely fashion as we are aware of exactly how invaluable time can be in the dynamic electronic realm. The 1-hour response time guarantee applies to any billing or technical enquiry that you may have in regards to our Linux shared website hosting service.
One-Hour Response Guarantee in Semi-dedicated Servers
With a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you can take advantage of our astonishingly fast support services. You will receive a response to any support ticket posted from the web hosting Control Panel or email sent to our customer and technical support staff in no more than one hour. The response time is guaranteed and it’s valid regardless of the issue – technical or billing. Often, it takes considerably less time to investigate and troubleshoot a problem. We’ll give you more details if the solution entails something that should be done on your end. If you get in touch with us during official holidays or weekends, the response time will be the same and considering the fact that our support team is on duty 24/7, you’ll get immediate assistance for any billing, general or technical issue regardless of what time of day or night it is.